Mouth & Canker Sores

Mouth sores are a painful nuisance that most everyone gets from time to time. Most are relatively harmless, such as canker sores, which are small ulcers that appear on soft tissue in the mouth and usually heal within a week. They are often cause by biting the soft tissue of the mouth, bacterial infections or a burn from too-hot food.

Keeping up good oral hygiene and rinsing with salt water or mouth washes will help the healing process along. You should also avoid spicy foods and try not to aggravate the sore by touching it.

But mouth sores can develop into a bigger dental problem or be a sign of an existing one. If sores do not heal within a week, occur on the gum, or are painful, you should set up an appointment with San Antonio dentist Dr. Mooney. He can examine the sore and make sure it is not a symptom of a greater problem, such as an abscessed tooth or oral cancer.

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