Dental Care for Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a probably the most common dental problem. It is the process by which tooth enamel is eroded and eventually results in the formation of cavities. Most San Antonio dental patients will have to deal with tooth decay of some kind in their lifetime.

Dr. Mooney offers many North Carolina restoration dental treatments for tooth decay, from mild to severe, that can restore the tooth’s structure and functionality. But the best solution to tooth decay is to prevent it in the first place.

How Does Tooth Decay Occur?

To prevent tooth decay, it helps to understand how tooth decay happens. Plaque is a sticky substance that contains bacteria that is forms on teeth and coats them. These bacteria feed on sugars and carbohydrates you eat, and produce acid that destroys and breaks down enamel. Over time, weak spots in enamel can form and turn into cavities.

There are several preventive dental measure that can be taken to prevent cavities:

  • Regular brushing & flossing to remove food and bacteria from teeth
  • Using fluoridated dental products that will strengthen and restore enamel
  • Dental cleanings to remove tartar, plaque and bacteria
  • Brush your tongue to remove plaque that lives there
  • Avoid acidic & sugary foods such as soda that feed bacteria and damage enamel

Call us today to set up a San Antonio dental cleaning & checkup to make sure your teeth are healthy and to catch tooth decay early.