Stained or Yellow Teeth

If you’re a day over thirty, you’ve probably looked in the mirror and noticed your teeth aren’t quite the shade they used to be in your younger days. Much to our dismay, daily wear and tear, eating, and drinking can slowly take our smile from pearly white to off-white or yellow teeth. You don’t have to live with yellow teeth for the rest of your life. Dr. J. Steven Mooney offers complete whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help!

How did my teeth become so discolored?

Teeth can become discolored from a variety of factors. Teeth can also become discolored on both the outer, enamel, layers and the inner, dentin, layers of the tooth.

  • The inner layers of your teeth are composed of a tissue called dentin. Dentin can become discolored by chemicals that have entered the body and have caused the inside of the tooth to turn to a darker shade. A common chemical that causes tooth discoloration is tetracycline.
  • Tooth enamel can become discolored from dark or staining substances that come in contact with the teeth, such as dark foods, dark drinks, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other substances.
  • Lastly, teeth can become discolored simply as a result of growing older. Dentin is naturally darker than the outer enamel layers of the tooth, and as you grow older, the enamel can wear thin, allowing the color of the dentin to show more.

Wondering where your pearly whites went? You’d be surprised at what a difference a little teeth whitening can make in your smile. Whitening is easy with Dr. Mooney’s in our San Antonio dental office and home tooth whitening options. For a dramatic and speedy choice, consider accelerated whitening with the Zoom! tooth whitening system.

Call us today to set up your appointment for a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Mooney. To see past smile makeovers by Alamo Dental, take a look at our cosmetic dentistry pictures! Alamo Dental is proud to serve patients in the San Antonio, Texas.