Tooth Removal

Dental extractions can be an affordable solution when teeth are crowded or if a tooth has severe damage or tooth decay. Dr. Mooney can perform most tooth extractions in his San Antonio office, and referral to a specialist is usually not necessary. He has a gentle touch and will take every measure to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free during the tooth removal procedure.

Dr. Mooney will perform a dental exam to assess the best course of treatment for your tooth. If the tooth is infected, broken, or has severe decay, he may recommend the tooth be extracted. Dental patients who choose dental extraction can feel comfortable knowing that we use a gentle touch to give you an optimal tooth extraction procedure and recovery period.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth can often cause problems when they grow in, such as impacted teeth and crowding. These problems can be painful and damaging to existing teeth. If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Mooney can assess your wisdom teeth and help you decide what course is best. In many cases, Alamo Family Dental can perform the wisdom tooth extraction right in our San Antonio dental office.

If you want the highest quality dental care with a gentle touch, call Alamo Family Dental today! We care about our patients and give them courteous service paired with long-lasting, top-notch dental work.